3. Words of wisdom 

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    Sausalito Residence by Forsythe General Contrac

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  6. Karen Walker is my spirit animal. 

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    Hitchcock’s “The Peeps

    happy easter!

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    remember the website where they didnt properly format the html so the text just kept getting bigger


    this is so goddamn funny

    i feel threatened 

    this is the most intense thing ive read

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    me rn

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    Portrait I drew of the lovely Maggie Smith.

    I am getting this framed and hung over my fireplace goddamn.


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  12. Happy National Beer Day!

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    Tim Gardner, Man in Moonlight over LA, 2013, 14 x 18

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    Hercules Towers by Rafael de La-Hoz

    The façade consists of the mythical motto from the legend of the Pillars of Hercules, “Non Plus Ultra” (nothing further beyond), warning sailors of the edge of the known world.

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  15. With this hat you can call me Sir thecaffeinatedcanadian